Training Day 2017-02-04

The Invitation


Summary of the Day

Leeds & District Allotment Gardeners Federation in conjunction with Leeds City Council Nursery had pulled out all the stops at this event. The primary aim was to encourage more self-management but in addition to offer information and help for the managers of existing associations with added interest through talks on growing and composting. There were also stands from other growing and funding organisations and lots of information from our own NAS. The event was open to all allotments in Leeds and Districts

The day started with an introduction by Paul Lattimer, LDAGF chairman.

Then Paul Ackroyd the nursery manager gave an interesting talk explaining that the nursery was moving lock, stock and barrel to a new site to make way for a new road and housing development. He went on to explain that the new greenhouses were that hi-tec they could be operated remotely.

This was followed by the first two workshop sessions which were run by some very prominent people. Delegates were to choose three of the four workshops being offered.


A superb lunch was organised by Judy Turley and Gill Walsh, LDAGF, Secretary and Treasurer respectively with drinks served by Lynn Rogers, LCC Allotment Officer.

A further workshop session was held after lunch.

There followed a short talk by Dr Jill Edmondson, Sheffield University explaining the details of an interesting and exciting research project MyHarvest.

There was even more to follow in this action packed day, Graham Porter, Chartered Institute of Horticulture, broadcaster and author who gave an interesting talk ‘The past, present and future of food production’.

The afternoon finally finished with a summary by Cllr Stewart Golton, LDAGF, vice-chairman who thanked every-one for coming and making it such a great success.

Wow! What a day! What an event!
Comments from delegates ‘can’t wait for the next one’.

Some Photos from the Day