Competition 2017

Site results

Site results are expressed as number out of maximum possible score of 200 (190 for Council sites where there is limited communal equipment), and a percentage score We asked the judges for comments; some of them have been included below. There were nine judges, none of whom had a site in the competition

  • First: Meanwood Parkside, scored 186.2 (93.1%)
    ‘Lovely site, lots of flowers in general area’ ‘Good coverage of water baths’
    ‘Very well maintained’ ‘Communal areas very colourful and welcoming’
    ‘Hard to find criticism’ ‘very well-kept site, great bee enclosure and community area’ ‘Frighteningly lovely site’
  • Second: Lidgett Lane, scored 174.2 (87.1%)
    ‘General seating area excellent’ ‘Really tidy site, excellent care of equipment’
    ‘Facilities cannot be faulted’ ‘Generally quality of cultivation is very good but one or two plots letting it down’
    ‘Lovely open well-planned site’ ‘open bath water supply is an invitation to mosquitoes!’
    ‘Really good and interesting’ ‘Very good equipment for plotholders to use’
  • Third: Crimbles, scored 164.6 (82.3%)
    ‘Nice storage sheds for plotholders’ ‘A lovely well organised site, very helpful member to speak to us, very good communal facilities and good recycling’
    ‘Limited range of communal equipment’ ‘Limited water collection arrangements’
  • Fourth: Calverley, scored 156.35 (78.2)
    ‘Disability plot available’ ‘Shame about the first plot, it should be a show stopper! Rest of site lovely’
    ‘great shop’ ‘nice little library’ ‘easy to see stuff in shop’ ‘Wonderful peaceful site’
  • Fifth: Brooklands scored 94.6 (49.8%)
    ‘A nice community site with regrettably few communal facilities’ ‘good community spirit with no communal facilities which makes it difficult to mark at this time’ ‘well-kept site, good to see a community’ ‘much improved since last visit’ ‘good start with communal area for BBQ etc’

Best Plot Scores

NameSitePlot No.ScorePlaceAward
Brian JennerHaley’s Field3089.1%1Best plot+gold
Sue SissonsGreenthorpe684.6%2Gold
Gordon CrosbieSwillington584.4%3Gold
Ian MarkhamMeanwood Parkside1482.54%4Best newcomer + gold
Geoff HullSwillington481.5%5Gold
John GrimshawFlicks14A78.9%6Silver
Graham SmithAlwoodley5177.14%7Silver (new)
Brian LoweSwillington777.05%8Silver
Jane GarrudHeadingley Station6A76.9%9Silver(new)
George and Rowena SavileFlicks13A76.35%10Silver
Andy BellBickerdyke10A74.1%11Silver(new)
Nick CoulterAlwoodley6373.89%12Silver(new)
Derek HantonAlwoodley5073.19%13Silver
Mathew FieldFlicks1071.9%14Silver
Jean and Barry ShillitoMeanwood Parkside2071.8%15Silver
Dave ArmitageCrimbles13A/14B67.6%16Bronze
Ken DuckelsVictory27W65.4%17Bronze
Audrey FowbertSeacroft1963.84%18Bronze (new)
Peter McIlmoyleVictory27E63.78%19Bronze
Peter MiddletonVictory228E63.46%20Bronze (new)
Dave BurdonHaley’s Field1362.5%21Bronze
Ann CunninghamCrimbles8B/10B261.95%22Bronze (new)
Leslie ?Brooklands659.1%23certificate
Mike AppletonBrooklyn Terrace556.35%24Certificate (new)
Gill Crossley RuddSwillington856.27%25Certificate (new)
Dave CarverCrimbles555.95%26certificate
Denise ChappellVictory854.75%27certificate
Peter FowbertSeacroft Hall2053.57%28Certificate (new)
Janet CordwellBrooklands252.35%29Certificate (new)
Maureen CullenHaley’s Field2447.9%30Certificate (new)