Competition 2014

Judging for the 2014 Allotment Competition started on 14 July, and the criteria included

  • Sites:  good overall condition of plots, communal areas, paths, notice boards, health and
    safety, communal equipment (where relevant), conservation and site development (please
    note, these are not all given equal weighting).
  • Plots: good crop quality and variety, succession, weed & pest control, composting and
    conservation, use of space and innovation (please note, these are not all given equal
    weighting). Half plots and full plots were judged together. Quarter plot entries formed a separate category with adapted criteria. Entries were also welcome
    from school or group plots.

Site Results

  • First: Meanwood Parkside Allotments.
  • Second: Crimbles
  • Third: Lidgett Lane
State of plotsCommon areasClean?Info?Common Equip.Conservation Total
Haleys Field43.5%22.7%4.8%4.3%4.5%2.2%82.0%
Lidgett Lane46.5%24.2%5.0%7.3%5.0%4.8%92.8%
Headingley Station10.7%9.0%3.0%4.0%3.7%1.5%31.8%
Max %52.6%28.9%5.30%7.9%n/a5.30%100%
Swillington Parish52.6%20.5%5.3%4.2%3.7%86.3%

Plot Results

  • Best Plot: Brian Jenner, Haleys Field Allotments
  • Best newcomer:  A Broughton, Meanwood Parkside
  • Best school plot:  St Anthony’s Primary School

Plot Competition 2014

sitenameplotCrop QualityRange of CropsCult. SkillSucc. SowingUse of SpaceDiscr. Pt.Total
Max %40%20%25%5%5%5%100%
Haleys FieldB Jenner3036.318.824.74.753.593
CalverleyP Midgely163618.723.34.551.288.7
SwilingtonG Crosbie535.815.724.
CalverleyB Garnett636.317.522.7451.386.8
SwilingtonB Lowe736.315.723.3353.286.5
Meanwood ParksideJeff Lythe238.516.3241.350.785.8
Meanwood ParksideA Broughton (new)30E (0.5)36.814.523.83.75083.8
Haleys FieldD Dean (new)29 (0.5)3415.2233.552.883.5
Haigh RdN Davison5E33.215.323.
CalverleyB Wormald933.216.721.74.34.8282.7
Kirk LaneA Reedy10U (0.5)32.71821.
CalverleyR Radcliffe833.516.720.845282
SwilingtonG Hull433.214.5223.853.582
Hollin LaneP Blakey1335.217.321.834.20.582
Meanwood ParksideT Taylor2835.216.723.
Haigh RdE Whitfield9W32.514.323.
Meanwood ParksideSteven Beales2432.816.
CrimblesG Stephenson10A/11A33.514.722.
Meanwood ParksideB Beer/J Waite (new)11S & 12E34.
GreenthorpeA Brook1533.815232.551.280.5
CrimblesA Longley16B (0.5)33.715.823.
Kirk LaneL Heron6L (0.5)34.716.
Meanwood ParksideA Jackon1035.514.822.
CrimblesV Bergin83515.520.
GreenthorpeR White631.715.3223.74.8279.5
CalverleyJ Timms733.515.820.
Haleys FieldP Hindle (new)33A/34 (1.5)321422.72.84.7278.2
CrimblesS Higgins11B (0.5)3414.720.
Meanwood ParksideA Peters833.516.
CrimblesD Armitage13A/14B34.714.321.
Haigh RdB Smith15EW (0.5)
Meanwood ParksideAndy Boylan9 & 9E32.215.321.714.30.575
Lidgett LaneA Burns (new)34W (0.5)2913.521.834.51.373.2
Meanwood ParksideKeith Slaney632.813.521.314.3073
Kirk LaneMepham & Smith7L/8L28.314213.
GreenthorpeA McLellan (new)32A (0.5)34.21220.
GreenthorpeT Poole (new)14341315.
CrimblesG Wood4B32.212.72024.20.571.5
Meanwood ParksideShillito2030.212.522.
Kirk LaneI Whitaker3L (0.5)29.213.818.84.34.7070.8
Haigh RdC Carter3EW (0.5)28.210.323.
SwilingtonP Thompson (new)6 (0.5)31.5920.
Haleys FieldT Dickinson (new)28A (0.5)27.513.818.
Haigh Rd? (new)8E261323.51.53168
GreenthorpeC Reid3429.213.815.72.33.5367.5
GreenthorpeJane Garrud3127.811.818.
Haigh RdD Crowther6E (0.5)24.312.320.52.33.7366.2
GreenthorpeS Spencer30A (0.5)31.513.
Lidgett LaneT & S Wildgoose (new)38W (0.5)2710.720.
GreenthorpeL Poole (new)13A (0.5)33.311.
GreenthorpeP Buckley7A27.21313.5341.862.5
GreenthorpeT Westmoreland26A (0.5)30.5817.504.7161.7
SwilingtonJ Carey2 (0.5)26.88.518.
Headingley StationD Johnson3A (0.5)22.814.516.51.54.2160.5
Haleys FieldD Watson3125.310.319.72.22.8060.3
Victoria PitRichard Mann (new)15A24.29.516.
GreenthorpeC & J Mitchell25A (0.5)269.512.
Kirk LaneP Jenkins9L (0.5)24.310.
GreenthorpeK Mann2222.38.512.32.52.8048.5
Haleys FieldA Regan (new)10 (0.5)16.56.715.813.21.344.5