Warning: Parsnip Sap

Nasty blisters from sap and sunlight!

At this time of year parsnips are putting up flowering stems and lots of greens. Care is needed when handling these, especially on sunny days. The greens contain a chemical which can cause nasty blisters on the skin if exposed to sunlight (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parsnip#Toxicity). Wear gloves, and keep your sleeves rolled down. Whatever you do, don’t attack parsnips with a strimmer!

Learning Day 20 May 2023

New date for cancelled learning day.

New date for cancelled learning day.

The learning day will now take place on Saturday, 20 May 2023 at Holbeck Working Mens Club, starting at 9:30.

Registration will open on Friday 28 April.

Hosepipe Ban – Correction

It affects allotments, too.

Several people have pointed out that the itv article was incorrect (thanks!), and we are allowed to water our food crops with a hosepipe:

A hosepipe can be used for watering food crops but not for general flowers and plants. Where you can, we’d encourage you to use a watering can to save on the volume of water which is used through traditional hosepipes. It’s best to water in the morning or evening, as that means the water won’t evaporate quickly in the sunshine.

Yorkshire Water web site.

Watering dry, bare soil requires patience. It can take a long time for the water to soak in, as shown in this clever little video.

A layer of mulch helps prevent evaporation from the soil, and it also helps the soil soak up water more quickly. I’ve seen a great little video showing this, but I can’t find it just now…