Allium Leaf Miner

Many crops ruined by allium leaf miner.

There is a lot of damage to allium crops (leeks, onions, garlic, etc) this year from allium leaf miners. They have been active in Leeds since at least 2020, but this is the first time I have heard of so many growers pulling up their whole crops and disposing of them. More information here.

A New Weapon Against Slugs and Snails?

A safe and effective slug bait?

A researcher in America has found a highly effective, non-toxic and cheap slug bait. Is this what we have been looking for all these years? Why not try it and see? (But what is the best way of getting rid of the slugs once you catch them?)

Well, the first time I tried it the rats ate the bread dough before the slugs found it. I’ll try again with wire mesh to stop the rats.

Safeguard your allotment site

What if the land owners decide to sell off your self-managed allotment site? One action your allotment association could take now would be to “nominate” the land to become an “Asset of Community Value”. This means that the sale of the land would be delayed by six months to give community groups time to enter a bid to buy the land. Nominating the land costs nothing, and the form is available from the Council’s web page. There is more helpful information about the process on that web page, too.

Melvin Nowland

Loss of a Leeds Allotment Stalwart

Sad loss of a Leeds Allotments Stalwart

Melvin Nowland, an allotment plot-holder and Trustee at Headingley Station West Allotments in Leeds, has sadly died following a long illness.

He was committed to the preservation of the allotment movement in Leeds and could be, quite rightly, outspoken to influences he thought detrimental to the allotment movement in Leeds. He was an active member of the Leeds Allotments Federation for more years than I can remember. Even when wheelchair bound, he attended meetings regularly, and events when he could, he showed a very commendable commitment and remained a stalwart to our allotment movement in Leeds.

His contribution to the preservation and running of allotments in Leeds will be sadly missed.

Melvin at a LAF Training Day
Melvin at the LAF Training Day.

From Phil Gomersall